YAPMAK Dağ Bisikleti Alüminyum Çerçeve 17" 19" Kullanın 27 Hız 26" 27,5" Jant Hidrolik/Mekanik Fren

Etiketler: 27 Hız, dağ bisikleti alüminyum, bisiklet alüminyum, Ucuz 27 hız, Yüksek Kaliteli dağ bisikleti alüminyum, Çin bisiklet alüminyum Tedarikçileri.

₺1 673.29 ₺3 414.89
  • Stokta var
  • g1364

  • Boy: 140-200
  • Rım Malzeme: Alüminyum
  • Net Ağırlık: 16kg
  • Uzunluğu (m): 1.7
  • Tekerlek Boyutu: 26"/27,5"
  • Yazın: Dağ Bisikleti
  • Çatal Süspansiyon: Evet
  • Pedal Tipi: Sıradan Pedal
  • Ön Çatal Tip: Sönümleme bahar Çatal (Düşük Vites Olmayan)
  • Vites: 27 Hız
  • Uygulanabilir İnsanlar: Unisex
  • Çatal Malzeme: Yarım Alüminyum
  • Brüt ağırlık: 18kg
  • Katlanabilir: No
  • Boyutu: 17 Inch Mechanical, 17 Inch Hydraulic, 19 Inch Mechanical, 19 Inch Hydraulic
  • Hacim: 0.2
  • Çerçeve Malzeme: Alüminyum
  • Marka Adı: lauxjack
  • Yük Kapasitesi: 100KG
  • Fren Sistemi: Hidrolik/Mekanik Disk Fren
  • Çerçeve Türü: (Non-arka Damper)sabit Çerçeve

  • Paket Ağırlık: 21.0kg (46.30lb.)
  • Ünite Tipi: parça
  • Paket Boyutu: 135cm x 20cm x 72cm (53.15in x 7.87in x 28.35in)

Mukhachev Alex1
very comfortable. пэк shipping company, get ready to pay extra shipping charge to your home, tk. самовывоза item comes in shipment, pretty which can be far away from you. петербурга st to delivered in about 14 days. paid extra 700 usd. shipping courier, but has been to this, therefore disappointed. bicycle oh now: have small defects painting, царапинки small, but not critical, this money for led fire. very long customize мучался switches speeds, were customized. have this money for run-lock on the plug fire, frame stitching neat, not like погнутые disc brakes, very much gifts, cheapest let u, proved useful but some keys, lock, lights, ribbon светоотражательная (magnetic) pump убогий but :-) case makes your, bag. overall i very satisfied, катать пошёл!
Axllexander Elov
large classy. all like in description. 2. chips and scratch none. in kind bike looks better than the photos. we will cost is 1,5 times more expensive. bike weight 15,4 kg. seller responsive, responds to always questions. second is my bike this ordered seller about the quality and timing нареканий all without and delivery.

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